How to - Adele’s retro inspired Grammy look

Most of you have heard of Adele and her beautiful singing voice.  If you haven’t you are missing out on her beautiful voice.  But if you have, then you know that this talented lady took home six awards for her second album “21” this year.  Not only that, but every female wants to know how to do make up like Adele’s Grammy look.  It was a sleek 50’s based hairstyle, newly blonde color.  Along with her retro make up style showing off those bright red colored lips that every girl is dying to learn.  
Makeup how to

  If you want make up how to tips about Adele’s retro make up, you are at the right place.  Let’s start with her face.  You have to first start off with a clean face.  After doing so, you apply the It Cosmetics – Finishing powder.  It will give you the same look as Adele’s retro make up by giving you even skin tone, and it also has anti-aging properties.  Now next up is her eye makeup.  

    If you looked at Adele’s eyes that night you could see there was a cat like look to them. That was simply because of the long fake eye lashes used.  They get longer as they come towards the outer side of her eyes.  Combine it with a thick layer of liquid liner on the top side of your eye lids to get that sexy look. Next step is to “WING” the eye liner.  If you don’t know how to do that, you can look up tutorials online to figure out this technique, it is simple but requires some practice.  

    The most memorable part of the whole make up was her lips.  If you don’t know how to do make up, this is still the easiest part of the whole process.   All you have to do is outline your lips with a crimson colored lip liner.  To finish it off all you have to do is use a bright red crimson lipstick to complete this make up ensemble.  This is one of the most complex yet simple make up how to processes today.  The end picture is just marvelous and it goes along with any kind of look you are trying to pull off.  Just remember practice makes perfect, try it out a few times to perfect this retro style.  

Makeup how to


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